The Tesla Cybertruck is supposedly the perfect car for surviving the apocalypse. Not only can you equip it with a $3,000 tent, but it surely’s additionally bulletproof. Take that, roving gang of post-apocalyptic automotive thieves. OK, so technically, the glass itself isn’t really bulletproof, so that would find yourself being an issue if anybody ever shoots at you, however at the least the physique panels will preserve you secure, proper? Properly, as one YouTuber discovered not too long ago, that actually is dependent upon what sort of weapons the dangerous guys have with them.

YouTuber JerryRigEverything not too long ago determined to check precisely how bulletproof the Tesla Cybertruck is. Or, reasonably, how bullet-resistant it’s. We’re going to go forward and spoil the video for you and say proper up entrance that the Cybertruck can’t cease a .50-caliber bullet. We all know that’s surprising and laborious to come back to phrases with, however sure, a .50-caliber spherical will minimize by the Cybertruck’s bodywork like butter. If the raiders have a few M107A1s, simply go forward and hand over your Cybertruck. It’s not value resisting.

Whereas it’s undoubtedly satisfying to observe a .50-cal punch a gap by the Cybertruck’s sheet steel, what’s far more fascinating is seeing how properly it really stands as much as smaller rounds. The Ridge pockets promo is just a little clumsy, however the Cybertruck legitimately doesn’t have an issue stopping 9mm ammunition. So so long as they don’t shoot the windshield or any of the home windows, good luck stopping a Cybertruck with a Glock 19.

What when you’re being attacked by a farmer with a varmint rifle, although? If that’s the case, you might be in additional hassle than you anticipated. The .17 HMR spherical they used went proper by the steel, which undoubtedly places the litter of groundhogs you’re hauling in danger. Subsequent up, although, they examined the Cybertruck in opposition to a .223. And what have you learnt, because it seems, it can also’t cease a .223. Which is type of an enormous deal when you think about how frequent the AR-15 is within the U.S.

In any post-apocalyptic state of affairs, it’s just about a assure that the raiders within the wastelands could have AR-15s. In the event that they determine to shoot up your Cybertruck, we’re sorry, however you’re toast. Not that you simply have been ever secure with out bulletproof glass within the first place.

A version of this article originally appeared on Jalopnik.

Is the Cybertruck *ACTUALLY* bulletproof?! (vs .50 cal rifle)


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