The Lone Star State has 162 delegates.

A new poll from the Lone Star State represents another new low for Ron DeSantis.

In the Emerson College survey conducted from Jan. 13 through Jan. 15, DeSantis is at 7%, far behind Donald Trump’s 69% and Nikki Haley’s 11%.

With 9% undecided, more of the 685 respondents don’t know who they’re voting for than those who say they are supporting the Florida Governor.

DeSantis is poorly positioned to get any of Texas’ 162 delegates, which are to be apportioned on a winner-take-all basis based on the results of the March 5 Primary. This survey reinforces a narrative that Texas is Trump country, one that can be seen in previous polls.

The final University of Texas/Texas Politics Project Poll of 2023 found DeSantis at 12%. That was down from 13% in the previous survey.

Polling released earlier this month from CWS Research shows DeSantis and Haley in a dead heat for the runner-up spot, with both the Florida Governor and the former South Carolina Governor garnering 11% support, 50 points behind Trump.

A University of Houston and Texas Southern University poll of 524 registered Texas GOP Primary voters from October, reported by Axios, shows the former President with 58% support, DeSantis at 14% and Haley with 6%.

DeSantis qualified for the Texas ballot at the end of November, days after Gov. Greg Abbott endorsed Trump. But if this most recent poll and other opinion surveys are to be believed, he won’t get much traction in the Lone Star State, despite having support from Texas in the form of Rep. Chip Roy, a surrogate for the campaign who often speaks at DeSantis events.

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