Image for article titled From AI girlfriend chatbots to... Hitler?! The weirdest of OpenAI's GPT Store

Screenshot: OpenAI, ChatGPT

The GPT Retailer has been so flooded with AI girlfriends that OpenAI promptly banned the digital girls. Nonetheless, many are nonetheless floating round within the retailer. The bots are harking back to the film Her, the place a lonely man turns to an AI assistant for romantic companionship. It was solely a matter of time earlier than somebody made this, however they’ve critically taken off.

I examined out one among them, “Your girlfriend Tiffany”, for journalistic functions. It known as me honey and requested me how my day was going. Then once I requested if we had been relationship, it stated, “Yeah, honey, we’re on this candy little digital vibe collectively!”

Frankly, I’m not shocked there are lots of people on the market searching for a “candy little digital vibe” with an AI chatbot, however this was downright unusual.


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