With bad polls and process stories dominating the news cycle for Ron DeSantis, observers are wondering when he might get out of the presidential race.

He delivered a hint during a New Hampshire radio interview, suggesting that a Governor who can’t hold the state that elected them needs to drop out.

“What is her path in South Carolina? Because I don’t think if you lose your home state that you can continue,” he said of Nikki Haley on Good Morning New Hampshire.

However, a quick look at state-level polling shows DeSantis and Haley have the same problem in their respective home states, in that they both trail Donald Trump by massive margins.

In South Carolina, the Emerson College Poll shows Trump with 54%, Haley with 29% and DeSantis with 7% support.

Yet in Florida, DeSantis is worse off than Haley, well below even that 29% number in GOP Primary polls.

In a Victory Insights survey of 1,220 voters conducted Dec. 8 and 9, Trump had 59% support, with DeSantis at 19% and Haley at 8%. Compounding the difficulty for DeSantis, 95% of respondents said they are committed to their choice.

Florida Atlantic University survey from November showed Trump leading DeSantis, 61% to 20%.

The University of North Florida Public Opinion Research Lab in a November poll showed Trump had 60% support while DeSantis had just 21% backing.

Florida’s March 19 Primary is a winner-take-all contest, in which 125 delegates to the Republican National Convention will be allocated.

Will DeSantis get out after that, assuming there isn’t some magical turnaround in polls? Or does he exit sooner, as some speculate?

Asked if he was staying in the race until the end of March by Hugh Hewitt, DeSantis again committed to the long haul on Thursday. “One hundred percent. We can do that.”

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