Ron DeSantis is headed to a distant third place finish in New Hampshire, a place he was once competitive in polls.

But the new Suffolk University/NBC10 Boston/Boston Globe tracking survey shows reasons for guarded optimism, in that his numbers finally stopped falling.

DeSantis’ 6% is 1 point better than what he had in Wednesday’s polling.

Donald Trump is well ahead, with 50% support. Meanwhile, Nikki Haley has 36% and will need crossover turnout from independents and Democrats to be competitive on Tuesday.

During a radio interview Thursday, DeSantis suggested he wasn’t that invested in how the Granite State ultimately goes.

“I mean, Nikki spent an ungodly amount of money. You know, in New Hampshire, that was not our strategy. Our strategy was, you know, really do well in Iowa. And then New Hampshire was a momentum state. Obviously, Trump did well in Iowa. And so I think he’s benefiting. I don’t think Nikki has any chance against Trump in New Hampshire. So that’s just kind of the way the cookie crumbles. But I do think that the voters really take the first of the nation seriously.”

He also seemed to suggest that Trump would win Tuesday night, in part due to Haley’s decision not to participate in a debate or answer questions from voters at some town halls.

“What happens is, you know, like Chris Christie said, when on the hot mic, you know, she’s just not up to this. And I think the fact that she’s not willing to do that is a really bad sign for her. I do think it’ll hurt her in New Hampshire, because I think the voters expect it.”

Polling has shown DeSantis hovering in mid-single digits for some time.

The latest American Research Group survey of next week’s Primary finds the Governor at 4%.

The Saint Anselm College Survey Center survey taken Jan. 8-9 finds DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy tied with 6% support each. Ramaswamy is out of the race now and backing Trump. Christie was at 9% before dropping out. It does not appear their voters are headed toward DeSantis, though.

An Emerson College survey that came out Thursday showed the Governor had 7% support.

Suffolk University survey released last week found DeSantis at 8%, good for fourth place at the time.

The Suffolk survey is more positive for DeSantis than the University of New Hampshire poll also released last week. That survey had him in fifth place with 5% support.

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