With its shiny colours, easy-to-learn guidelines and acquainted music, the online game Tetris has endured as a popular culture icon during the last 40 years. Many individuals, like me, have been enjoying the sport for many years, and it has advanced to adapt to new applied sciences like sport techniques, telephones and tablets. However till January 2024, no one had ever been capable of beat it.

A teen from Oklahoma holds the Tetris title after he crashed the sport on Degree 157 and beat the game. Beating it means the participant moved the tiles too quick for the sport to maintain up with the rating, inflicting the sport to crash. Synthetic intelligence can suggest strategies that enable gamers to extra successfully management the sport tiles and slot them into place quicker – these methods helped crown the sport’s first winner.


The Las Vegas sphere lit up with an enormous sport of Tetris in January 2024. The sport’s enchantment spans generations.

However there’s much more to Tetris than the elusive promise of profitable. As a mathematician and mathematics educator, I acknowledge that the sport relies on a basic factor of geometry, referred to as dynamic spatial reasoning. The participant makes use of these geometric expertise to control the sport items, and enjoying can each check and enhance a participant’s dynamic spatial reasoning.

Enjoying the sport

A Russian pc scientist named Alexey Pajitnov invented Tetris in 1984. The sport itself could be very easy: The Tetris display screen consists of an oblong sport board with dropping geometric figures. These figures are referred to as tetrominoes, made up of 4 squares related on their sides in seven completely different configurations.

The sport items drop from the highest, one by one, stacking up from the underside. The player can manipulate each one because it falls by turning or sliding it after which dropping it to the underside. When a row utterly fills up, it disappears and the participant earns factors.

As the sport progresses, the items seem on the prime extra shortly, and the sport ends when the stack reaches the highest of the board.

Dynamic spatial reasoning

A Tetris board, which has blocks made up of four squares arranged in different formations, stacked atop each other.

A Tetris board.
Brandenads/Wikimedia Commons

Manipulating the sport items provides the participant an train in dynamic spatial reasoning. Spatial reasoning is the flexibility to visualise geometric figures and the way they’ll transfer in house. So, dynamic spatial reasoning is the flexibility to visualise actively transferring figures.

The Tetris participant should shortly determine the place the at present dropping sport piece will finest match after which transfer it there. This motion includes each translation, or transferring a form proper and left, and rotation, or twirling the form in increments of 90 levels on its axis.

Spatial visualization is partly inherent means, however partly discovered experience. Some researchers establish spatial talent as needed for profitable drawback fixing, and it’s typically used alongside arithmetic expertise and verbal expertise.

Spatial visualization is a key element of a arithmetic self-discipline referred to as transformational geometry, which is normally first taught in center college. In a typical transformational geometry train, college students is perhaps requested to symbolize a determine by its x and y coordinates on a coordinate graph after which identify the transformations, like translation and rotation, needed to maneuver it from one place to a different whereas preserving the piece the identical form and dimension.

Reflection and dilation are the 2 different primary mathematical transformations, although they’re not utilized in Tetris. Reflection flips the picture throughout any line whereas sustaining the identical dimension and form, and dilation modifications the scale of the form, producing the same determine.


Transformations could seem easy, however they underlie a number of extra advanced math ideas.

For a lot of college students, these workout routines are tedious, as they contain plotting many factors on graphs to maneuver a determine’s place. However video games like Tetris might help college students grasp these ideas in a dynamic and interesting approach.

Transformational geometry past Tetris

Whereas it could appear easy, transformational geometry is the muse for a number of superior subjects in arithmetic. Architects and engineers each use transformations to attract up blueprints, which symbolize the true world in scale drawings.

Animators and pc graphic designers use ideas of transformations as nicely. Animation includes representing a determine’s coordinates in a matrix array after which making a sequence to alter its place, which strikes it throughout the display screen. Whereas animators at the moment use pc applications that routinely transfer figures round, they’re all based mostly on translation.

Calculus and differential geometry additionally use transformation. The concept of optimization includes representing a state of affairs as a function after which discovering the utmost or minimal worth of that perform. Optimization issues typically contain graphic representations the place the coed makes use of transformations to control a number of of the variables.

A number of real-world functions use optimization – for instance, companies may wish to discover out the minimal price of distributing a product. One other instance is determining the scale of a theoretical field with the biggest attainable quantity.

All of those superior subjects use the identical ideas as the easy strikes of Tetris.

Tetris is an interesting and entertaining online game, and gamers with transformational geometry expertise may discover success enjoying it. Research has found that manipulating rotations and translations inside the sport can present a strong conceptual basis for superior arithmetic in quite a few science fields.

Enjoying Tetris may lead students to a future aptitude in enterprise analytics, engineering or pc science – and it’s enjoyable. As a arithmetic educator, I encourage college students and pals to play on.


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